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Digital Payments

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The ubiquity of mobile phones is changing the way consumers pay.

We’re answering the call from consumers who are seeking better ways to shop & pay — through our innovative digital payments solution Masterpass; our contactless technologies that make transactions faster; the mobile solutions we power such as Google Pay and Apple Pay™ ;

We make it possible for people to pay with any type of payment card, anywhere, on any device — through a simple click, tap or touch.

  • Digital payments strategy is centered on choice — developing an array of open, flexible products to meet issuer, retailer and consumer needs.
  • Strategy is robust and future proof, with a consistent and focused view of how digital payments can successfully evolve.
  • Focus on security including industry leadership in EMV (the technology behind Chip & PIN) is second to none.

Digital Enablement Service

What it is

  • The service allows issuers and retailers to manage tokenisation and digitisation to create EMV-like security for every transaction. It gives cardholders the choice and peace of mind to make more secure digital payments from a variety of connected devices through a tap, touch or click.

How it works

  • Creation: The card’s primary account number (PAN) is replaced with an alternate card number called a token
  • Storage: The tokenised card details are delivered to the mobile device through a process called digitisation
  • Usage: A mobile device is enabled for more secure payments


14:00 Introduction and Welcome

Frank Smith, Conference Chair – Extensia Limited

14:05 Subject Opener

Tim Smith, Regional Vice President Sales for Africa

14:30 Customer speaker

Dave Smith, Group Manager: ICT,

14:45 Q&A Session

Tim Smith, Dave Smith

14:55 Closing and End of webinar

Frank Smith, Conference Chair – Extensia Limited