WCDMA Radio Network Planning Essentials (Corporate Only)


About the Course

WCDMA Radio Network Planning Essentials course is designed to provide a detailed understanding of Radio Network, Planning and Optimization. It gives knowledge on UMTS, its architecture and WCDMA Radio access network. The course includes planning, site survey, WCDMA Radio Resource Management, network dimensioning and cell planning.

Course Pre-requisites

The participants attending this course should have experience on 2G RF networks and planning.

Course Summary

  • UMTS Introduction and Overview
  • Introduction to WCDMA Radio Access Network
  • Network Planning Process
  • Network Dimensioning and Pre-planning
  • Technical Site Survey
  • Site installation preparation

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Understand the UMTS architecture, evolution and its elements
  • Implement and Plan the Radio Access Network Parameters
  • Explain the key points of comparison between WCDMA and GSM networks
  • Describe the Network planning and optimization process
  • Explain the fundamentals of Site Survey and Installation Planning procedure

Course Details

UMTS Introduction and Overview

  • UMTS releases and corresponding features
  • UMTS network architecture
  • UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN)

Introduction to WCDMA Radio Access Network

  • Differences between WCDMA and GSM
  • Special Characteristic of WCDMA
  • Radio Resource Management

Network Dimensioning and Pre-planning

  • Propagation Model introduction and tuning
  • Link budget and Network Dimensioning
  • Nominal RF plan

Technical Site Survey

  • Site Selection Criteria
  • Fundamentals knowledge for TSS

Site installation preparation

  • UMTS Network Architecture
  • LA, RA, URA, RNC and cluster border plan guide
  • Scrambling code and default parameter plan
  • Drive route, call scenario and main check item in site initial test



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