WCDMA Radio Network Parameter Planning (Corporate Only)


This course is designed to understand the necessary parameters required to plan and assess the quality of a WCDMA RF network. It emphasizes on the WCDMA network parameters that affect the RF plan. The course finally discusses about the Parameters that can be optimized to improve the planned performance.


Course Pre-requisites

The trainees attending this course should have the basic knowledge of WCDMA technology and possess experience on 2G RF Network Planning.

Course Summary

  • Telecom Parameters
  • Radio Access Network Parameter Introduction
  • Multi system and Multi carrier deployment
  • HSPA Introduction, parameters and RRM

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Explain various parameters required to access the WCDMA RF network
  • Understand the UMTS Air Interface aspects that impact the RF Planning
  • Describe the Multi carrier deployment between GSM & UMTS systems
  • Understand the additional parameters of High Speed Packet Access and Radio Resource Management

Course Details

Telecom Parameters

  • UMTS Network Architecture and Protocol stacks
  • Idle Mode Operations includes System Information and cell selection and cell reselection procedure
  • Logical/Transport/Physical Channel Concept
  • Random Access Procedure
  • Connection Establishment Operation

Radio Access Network Parameter Introduction

  • Describe the purpose, structure and functionality of each RRM functional entity in detail
  • Describe all RRM features important for optimization in detail
  • Describe RRM related parameters

Multi system and Multi carrier deployment 

  • Interworking between GSM and UMTS
  • Multi carrier deployment
  • Direct RRC introduction
  • SIB limitation for neighbor broadcast

HSPA Introduction, parameters and RRM

  • Short review of HSPA technology
  • Explain HSPA RRM and the related parameters in detail
  • Parameter Dictionary



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