Transport Systems & IP in Mobile Telecom Networks (Corporate Only)


This program provides basic understanding of the Transport technologies in Mobile Telecom Networks. It explains the evolution from PDH, SDH to ATM and then finally to all IP transport networks.


Course Pre-requisites

The candidate attending this program should have basic understanding of Transmission, PDH, SDH & IP technologies

Course Summary

  • PDH & SDH technologies – PCM, Quantization, E1/T1 & Higher frame structures
  • Microwave and Optical fiber communication, LOS concept & Microwave link budget
  • Topologies & Applications
  • Protection Schemes and Diversity concepts
  • IP Concepts & Fundamentals
  • IP Telephony, ATM and MPLS Transport Networks

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Understand Transport Network Technologies like PDH & SDH
  • Explain Microwave and Optical network configurations and related applications
  • Explain advantages & disadvantages of these w.r.t. topologies and application areas
  • Understand PDH & SDH Hierarchies and frame structures
  • Understand ATM and TCP/IP basic concepts
  • Explain the need of ATM & IP transport technologies in next generation networks

Course Details

PDH & SDH technologies

  • Introduction & Architecture of Mobile networks
  • Wired & Wireless Transmission Systems
  • Microwave Radio and Optical systems
  • LOS & Link budget in Microwave Radio Systems
  • PCM – E1/T1 concepts & Higher Order Multiplexing
  • PDH and SDH Technologies – Problems & Solutions
  • SDH frame structure

   Synchronization, Network Management in SDH

  • Synchronization Status Byte (S1)
  • Network Distribution of Synchronization Signals
  • Synchronization after a Network Failure
  • Element Management
  • Network Management

   Topologies & Protection Schemes

  • Various Transmission topologies in Mobile networks
  • Diversity Concepts – Space, Frequency, Polarization
  • Traffic Protection, Network Restoration & Protection Switching

   TCP/IP Fundamentals

  • IP Fundamentals
  • IP Subnetting
  • IP Routing
  • TCP/IP & UDP Protocol

   ATM Integration

  • Brief Overview of ATM
  • Mapping of ATM Cells into SDH

   MPLS Overview

  • MPLS Introduction
  • Architecture
  • MPLS Label Switching
  • MPLS Protocols.
  • MPLS protection Approaches.



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