The Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) – (Corporate Only)

The Synchronous Digital Hierarchy program is designed to give understanding of the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy. Attendees will be introduced to all components of STM frame including overheads and various protection schemes.


Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Course Pre-requisites

The candidates attending the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy course should have some basic telecommunication transmission knowledge..

Course Summary

  • Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
  • SDH Traffic Handling
  • ATM Integration
  • Protection
  • Synchronization
  • Network Management
  • Auxiliary and Fault Management
  • SDH Networks

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Identify the major limitations of the PDH network and advantages of using the SDH.
  • Outline the STM frame structures.
  • Illustrate the various SDH equipment and network topologies
  • Understand the traffic handling in SDH
  • Describe the principles of the SDH multiplexing structure
  • Give overview of ATM network

Course Details

Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

  • SDH/SONET Overview & Traffic Network Topologies
  • Creation of the SDH Frame
  • Administration Unit
  • STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 and STM-64 signals

  SDH Traffic Handling

  • SDH Traffic Handling
  • Traffic Paths & The High-order Path Overhead
  • Concatenation

  ATM Integration

  • Brief Overview of ATM
  • Mapping of ATM Cells into SDH


  • Traffic Protection
  • Network Restoration
  • Protection Switching
  • Physical Protection
  • Logical Protection


  • Synchronization Status Byte (S1)
  • Network Distribution of Synchronization Signals
  • Synchronization after a Network Failure

  Network Management

  • Element Management
  • Network Management

  Auxiliary and Fault Management

  • Auxiliary Systems
  • Concepts of SDH
  • IP and ATM Basics

  SDH Networks

  • Hardware, Manufacturers and Equipment in the Marketplace
  • Deployed SDH Networks



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