RF Network Drive Test & Benchmarking (Corporate Only)


About RF Network Drive Test & Benchmarking


The course is intended to provide a detailed understanding of Radio Network Drive test and Bench-marking. The course adopts a combination of theoretical concepts and exercises with the aid of industry standard tools.

Coverage, Capacity and Quality planning issues as well as techniques used to enhance coverage and performance is also explained. It also introduces RF optimization fundamentals and lucidly exposes the participants to the concepts of traffic engineering and bench-marking.

Course Pre-requisites

The Participants attending the course should have the knowledge of RF fundamentals.

Course Summary

  • Introduction to Radio Networks
  • Radio Planning Principles
  • Drive Test Objectives and Procedures
  • Drive Test Execution (Practical)
  • Benchmarking various networks (Practical)
  • Report Preparation, Analysis & Post processing (Practical)
  • RF Optimization basics

After attending this program, you should be able to :

  • Understand the basics of Radio network architecture and functional elements
  • Understand the Radio network Planning fundamental principles
  • Assemble the Drive test kit for the defined objective
  • Carryout the drive test observing the various parameters
  • Execute the reports from the data collected during drive test/benchmarking
  • Do analysis and post processing in industry defined formats
  • Correlate the outcome in optimizing the network to the level possible
  • Carryout benchmarking exercise for multiple networks

Course Details

Introduction to Radio Networks

  • Radio Planning Principles
  • Network Planning life cycle
  • Capacity and Coverage modes
  • RF Site Survey fundamentals and Process realization
  • Technical Site Survey forms & reports

Drive Test Objectives and Procedures 

  • Drive test tools set up and it’s requirements
  • Drive test process and milestones
  • Cell Data collection

Drive Test Execution (Practical) 

  • Drive test kit assembly
  • Conducting Drive Test and Parameter observation

Bench Marking (Practical) 

  • Drive test kit assembly for multiple networks
  • Conducting Bench marking and Parameter observation

Optimization fundamentals

  • Antenna theory and application areas
  • Antenna Tilts
  • Traffic Engineering



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