Professionalism at Work Place (Corporate Only)


About Workplace Professionalism

To address the growing problem of incivility in the work setting, this workshop introduces the concept of decency, its importance to a company, as well as its typical causes and effects. Skills needed to effectively practice civil behavior, as well as different ways organizations can systematize basic decency in the workplace will also be discussed. The workshop includes case studies and review questions interspersed within various topics that are introduced to the participants.

Course Pre-requisites


Course Summary

  • Introduction to the concept of decency
  • Effective Work etiquette
  • Cost and Rewards
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Identifying your need
  • Writing a Civility Policy
  • Implementing the Policy

After attending this program, you should be able to:

  • Understand the costs of incivility, as well as the rewards of civility, within the workplace
  • Learn practical ways of practicing workplace etiquette, including the proper use of greetings, respect, involvement, and political correctness
  • Learn the basic styles of conflict resolution and identify the style most appropriate for managing particular conflicts in the workplace
  • Learn skills in diagnosing the causes of indecent behavior
  • Learn facilitative communication skills such as listening and appreciative inquiry
  • Learn specific interventions that can be utilized when there’s conflict within the workplace
  • Learn a recommended procedure for systematizing civil behavior within the workplace



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