Packet Core Fundamentals & Planning Fundamentals (Corporate Only)


Packet Core Fundamentals & Planning Fundamentals course is intended to provide a sound introduction to the world of telecommunications and fundamentals of 2G/3G in PS domain. This course covers the basic concepts in telecom for authentications, securities and call operations in GPRS/UMTS telecom networks.


Packet Core & Planning Fundamentals Course Pre-requisites

Participants undergoing this program should have basic knowledge of mobile telecom network technologies like GSM, CDMA and WCDMA, with IP understanding.

Course Summary

  • Packet Core system structure & its overall architecture
  • The functional structure, control structure & network structure
  • Hardware architecture & function of each functional module
  • Basic signaling procedure and protocol understanding
  • Various interfaces and call message flows
  • Data roaming concepts & DNS, Firewall introduction
  • Factors Affecting the NE Configuration & function of network design
  • Principle for signaling bandwidth calculation
  • Principle for data-plane bandwidth calculation
  • Calculation of the Traffic, Calculation Principle


After attending this program, you should be able to:

  • Understand the basic architecture of PS core network
  • Explain the difference between GPRS and GSM technology
  • Explain advantages of GPRS over GSM ( packet switch over circuit switch)
  • Describe the different interfaces and protocols used in PS network
  • GPRS/UMTS PS Core Network Planning Overview
  • Describe basic mandatory configuration used in PS network
  • Describe the call flows, security and mobility features in PS core network
  • Plan for Network structure, APN, IP address, Roaming, Interface networking mode
  • Calculate bandwidth for different interface in PS network
  • Perform signaling link and signaling load calculation



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