Optical Fiber Communication (Corporate Only)

Optical Fiber Communication is 4 days program will provide a deep understanding of the Optical Communication Infrastructure. A comparison of OFC is made with Microwave and Copper cable. The course introduces different types of OFC cables. It gives practical exposure of testing of OFC cable with OTDR and splicing of OFC cables with splicing machine. It describes the DWDM technique and the elements used in DWDM system. The course also emphasizes on the laying procedure in different terrain.


Optical Fiber Communication Course Pre-requisites

Participants attending Optical Fiber Communication course should possess basic understanding of transmission concepts & technologies. He should have relevant experience on installation, commissioning of SDH optical multiplexers.

Course Summary

  • Construction of OFC
  • Types of OFC
  • Optical Communication System Overview
  • SDH/SONET overview
  • Losses in OFC
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of OFC
  • Dispersion in OFC
  • Test Equipment used in OFC
  • Splicing of OFC USING Splicing Machine
  • DWDM concept
  • Optical Network Elements
  • OFC Laying Procedure

After attending this program, you should be able to:

  • Understand the Elements used in OFC cable
  • Know the Principle of Optical Communication
  • Understand the advantages of OFC over Microwave and Copper cable
  • Know different components used in OFC Communication
  • Explain the modulation used in OFC Communication
  • Understand Losses/Dispersions in the OFC
  • Test OFC cable
  • Splice OFC cable
  • Operate test equipment i.e. OTDR, Splicing Machine, Optical Source, Optical Meter etc.
  • Understand the concept of DWDM, its advantages, and ITU spectrum
  • Understand the laying procedure in different terrains



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