Offering Constructive Criticism (Corporate Only)


About Constructive Criticism

Offering Constructive Criticism can be a helpful tool when used with the intent of helping or improving a situation in the workplace. However, it can be one of the most challenging things not only to receive, but also to give. It can often involve various emotions and feelings, which can make matters delicate. This workshop is aimed at sensitizing the importance of constructive criticism and a structured way of how it should be administered.

The program is laced with real-life scenarios, which will help the participants appreciate the importance of each of the prescriptions introduced and recommended.

Course Pre-requisites


Course Summary

  • Constructive Criticism – When?
  • Preparing and Planning
  • Choosing Time and Place
  • During the session I – the Feedback Sandwich
  • During the Session II – Setting Goals
  • Diffusing Anger or Negative Emotions
  • The “Don’ts”
  • Actions “After the session”

After attending this program, you should be able to:

  • Understand when feedback should take place
  • Learn how to prepare and plan to deliver
  • Determine the appropriate atmosphere in which it should take place
  • Identify the proper steps to be taken during the session
  • Know how emotions and certain actions can negatively impact the effects of the session
  • Recognize the importance of setting goals and the method used to set them
  • Uncover the best techniques for following up with the employee after the session



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