NSN Rel 4 Core: O&M (Corporate Only)

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This program provides an overview of NSN Rel 4 MGW and MSS architecture, its Interfaces and Signallling Protocols. It provides a deep understanding of functional modules of NSN Rel 4 MGW and MSS. Participants gain experience on handling Core Network elements and Traffic Administration, Routing and Signalling. It exposes the participants to understand and follow effective measures in performing O&M of the Rel 4 MGW and MSS using case studies that simulate real life examples.


Course Pre-requisites

The candidate attending this program should have basic understanding of switching technologies. He or She should be familiar with Core elements of a Mobile network and their functionalities.

Course Summary

  • GSM and UMTS Services Overview
  • NSN Rel 4 MGW and MSS Architecture and Interfaces
  • MGW/ MSS Network element administration
  • Common Channel Signalling and SIGTRAN configuration
  • Routing Administration
  • Traffic Administration
  • Cellular Network Administration
  • Call Control and Message Flow
  • Alarm Interpretation and Analysis

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Explain the main principles and functionalities of IPA2800 and DX 200 platforms
  • Interpret and Analyze the upper layer messages on signaling in different interfaces
  • Implement and Troubleshoot with trace root analyses
  • Perform replacements of Plug-in units with testing and diagnostic procedures
  • Describe the implementation of the User Plane Analysis
  • Explain the interdependencies of the features
  • Plan and define the application of most major routing features of the DX200 MSS
  • Understand stages of message flow for various Call scenarios
  • Handle Capacity Upgrades

Course Details

GSM and UMTS Services Overview

  • Basic Telephony and Bearer Services
  • Subscriber Services (Location Update, Authentication, Ciphering)
  • Mobility Management (IMSI attach and detach, Handovers)

   GSM and UMTS Services Configuration (Practical) 

  • Creating and Deleting Subscribers in HLR, AuC, VLR and EIR
  • Creating UMTS Subscriber with IN and GPRS Services
  • Testing Emergency Call and Supplementary Services (Call Forwarding, Call Barring)

   NSN Rel 4 MGW and MSS Architecture and Interfaces 

  • MSC Server and GCS Architecture and Main Interfaces
  • MSS and GCS functional units
  • Media Gateway Architecture and Functional Units
  • Redundancy principles of functional units
  • MSS and MGW Hardware configurations
  • Standalone and Integrated MSS configurations

   MGW and MSS Network element administration (Practical)

  • Creating Racks, Cartridges, Functional Units and Plug-in units (Practical)

   Common Channel Signalling and SIGTRAN configuration

  • Signalling Protocols Overview in MSS and MGW
  • New Protocol Stacks in SCN Rel 4 (RANAP, SIGTRAN, H.248, BICC)

   Common Channel Signalling and SIGTRAN configuration (Practical) 

  • Creation of SS7 and SIGTRAN Protocols

   Routing Administration

  • User Plane and Control Plane Routing Overview
  • Control Plane / User Plane Routing definitions, Relations
  • User Plane Routing Steps
  • User Plane Analysis
  • MGW Selection

   Traffic Administration

  • ATM Traffic administration
  • Resource Management
  • Routing and Digit Analysis in ATM Network


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    1. muneeb ahmed

      Dear sir this training is classroom or online

    2. Cognitel Admin

      Hi Muneeb,

      This is a classroom training and can be delivered to Corporate clients, not available in open batches. If you can reach out to your company and request them for executing the course, then we can deliver the same.

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