NSN PS Core Network and O&M (Corporate Only)


This program provides deep understanding of Network architecture, interfaces, signalling channels and functional modules of PS Core Network Elements. Detailed study of hardware and software platform on NSN SGSN’s and GGSN’s is carried out to strengthen the concepts for operating and maintaining these network elements as per recommended procedures. Detailed exposure to alarm interpretation and analysis is also salient feature of this program.


Course Pre-requisites

The candidate attending this program should have basic understanding of GSM and voice call flows. He/She should possess relevant O&M experience in any domain like Fault, Configuration and Performance management.

Course Summary

  • PS Core Evolution, Architecture and interfaces focused on NSN way of implementing
  • NSN Flexi Ng and Flexi NS platform overview
  • Evolution and Functional Description of NSN SGSN /GGSN
  • SGSN and GGSN Alarm interpretation, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Fault, configuration and performance management through OSS (Network Management System)

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Perform alarm analysis, troubleshooting and O&M of NSN SGSN/GGSN products to reduce network downtime
  • Do capacity expansion of functional modules
  • Preventive Maintenance activities for the said products at various recommended intervals
  • Execute configurational changes in PS network parameters

Course Details

PS Core and Network Architecture

  • Understand Packet Core network Architecture
  • Explain network subsystems and their functions
  • Explain various network interfaces and signaling protocols
  • Understand network elements and various topologies

   Hardware Overview, Evolution & Functional Description-SGSN 

  • Hardware and Software Architecture in Subrack and Cartridge technologies
  • Platform functional units and redundancy principles
  • SGSN IP connectivity
  • Configuration & troubleshooting for Ga, Gb, Gn etc.

   Hardware Overview, Evolution & Functional Description – GGSN 

  • Hardware and Software Architecture in Subrack and Cartridge technologies
  • Platform functional units and redundancy principles
  • GGSN IP connectivity
  • APN Configuration
  • Configuration & troubleshooting for Gi, Gn etc.

   Session Configuration and Service Awareness (DPI)

  • PLMN analysis and Routing Instances
  • Session profile, QoS and VRF’s details
  • Understand CLI and get familiar with alarm types
  • Alarm monitoring (with Practical Exercises)

   Operations and Preventive Maintenance (with Practical Exercises) 

  • Service Configuration –AAA,DNS,Charging
  • Alarm structure, interpretation and analysis
  • Preventive Maintenance Activities



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