NSN Flexi WCDMA Node B (Corporate Only)


This program provides deep understanding of functional modules of Flexi WCDMA BTS and its highly flexible Implementation techniques. Participants gain a hands-on experience on Commissioning, Integrations and configuration changes of Flexi WCDMA BTS. It exposes the participants to understand and follow effective measures in doing preventive and reactive O&M of the BTS site using case studies that simulate real life examples. In addition, the participants gain a detailed understanding of Integrated Microwave and Optical units with concepts on PDH, SDH & ATM technologies.


Course Pre-requisites

The candidate attending this program should have basic understanding of GSM, GPRS & EDGE technologies. He should possess relevant experience on installation, commissioning of 2G Base stations with knowledge of active and passive infrastructure elements at a BTS site.

Course Summary

  • Flexi WCDMA BTS Module Overview & Installation with various configuration options
  • Flexi WCDMA BTS Commissioning & Integration
  • License Management in Flexi WCDMA BTS
  • BTS Internal & External Alarm interpretation, integration and Troubleshooting (using Case studies)
  • OTDR, VSWR, RF Power & Earth measurements
  • Quality Checks & Acceptance Testing process for Handover from Project Team
  • Preventive Maintenance and Outage handling process
  • TRX Addition/Deletion (RF Module reconfiguration)
  • 2G/3G BTS Co-location

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Perform alarm analysis, troubleshooting and O&M of Flexi WCDMA BTS to reduce network downtime
  • Conduct Quality audits and site acceptance tests for handover from Implementation team
  • Handle independently tools and test instruments for Optical Fiber (OTDR), Feeder cable(VSWR), TRX Output power and Earth measurements
  • Test, integrate & troubleshoot External alarms from BTS Site passive infrastructure elements
  • Execute Co-location of 3G Flexi WCDMA BTS with 2G BTSs
  • RF module addition, deletion including configuration changes as per changing Network capacity needs
  • Explain the functional description of modules of Flexi WCDMA BTS in different configurations
  • Understand and mitigate challenges in various implementation techniques like Stack, Pole, Wall, Indoor, Outdoor or Mixed Indoor/Outdoor combinations
  • Understand basic concepts on RNC, needed for BTS integration, O&M and troubleshooting.

Course Details

Introduction to Radio Access Network (RAN)

  • RAN Architecture
  • Protocol Structure

   RAN Interfaces 

  • Iub
  • IuCS
  • IuPS
  • IuBC

   Flexi WCDMA NodeB Module Description 

  • System Module
  • Transport Module
  • Sector Module
  • Power Module

   Commissioning Flexi WCDMA NodeB

  • Installation of Site Wizard,Connecting Site Wizard
  • Task Selection view
  • Site Properties view
  • Physical layer configuration
  • Ethernet Interface Setting
  • Traffic Description

   Hybrid Backhaul Solutions

   Configuration Management 

   Configuring BTS Settings

   HSDPA and HSUPA Settings

   Planned Commissioning Procedure

   Software Updation 

   Flexi WCDMA NodeB integration

  • Identifying cell properties
  • IuB Link configuration
  • BTS and LCR Id identification
  • CoCo VP termination in RNC
  • CNBAP link in RNC
  • DNBAP links in RNC
  • AAL signalling and control plane link in RNC
  • ATM Configuration in DCN
  • IP Addresses in NodeB
  • Call testing

   Site Testing

  • Site Tests… (Ethernet Test)
  • WCDMA Loop Test
  • Identities related to subscriber in UMTS
  • EAC Functionality Test.
  • Transmission Interface Loops.

   Flexi WCDMA BTS Operation, Administration & Maintenance

  • Significance of LED indication on different modules,Using Alarm help,Operational functionality
  • Use of the administrative options available for Nokia Flexi WCDMA BTS,Saving Snapshots,BTS User Authentication
  • BTS SW version check / Update,BTS clock control
  • BTS Clock history,BTS Clock Fast Tune

   BTS Performance Monitoring

   TRS Performance Monitoring

   Licensing in Flexi WCDMA NodeB

  • List supported licensed features
  • Activating Licensed features
  • Recognizing different license types

   HSPA in NSN Radio Access Network

  • Principles of HSPA
  • Modifications in network architecture for enabling HSPA
  • Impact of HSPA on transmission
  • Major aspects of HSPA functionality



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