NSN Flexi Hybrid Microwave Radio (Corporate Only)


This program provides deep understanding of functional modules of Flexi Hybrid MW radio. Participants gain a hands-on experience on Installation, Commissioning, microwave hop Alignment, Integration and configuration changes of Flexi Hybrid MW radio. It exposes the participants to understand and apply various protection schemes possible with this product. In addition, the participants gain a detailed understanding of Integrated Microwave and Optical units with concepts on PDH, SDH & IP technologies.


Course Pre-requisites

The candidate attending this program should have basic understanding of PDH, SDH, IP & GSM technologies. He should possess relevant experience on installation, commissioning of Microwave radios or SDH optical multiplexers with knowledge of active and passive infrastructure elements at a BTS site.

Course Summary

  • Flexi Hybrid Radio module functional description
  • Flexi Hybrid Radio Installation and Protection techniques
  • Flexi Hybrid Radio Commissioning, Alignment and Integration
  • Remote Connection and Configuration changes
  • Alarm interpretation, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Fault, configuration and performance management through NMS

After attending this program, you should be able to :

  • Perform alarm analysis, troubleshooting and O&M of Flexi Hybrid MW radio to reduce network downtime
  • Implement transmission media upgradation,re-configuration,re-alignment for disturbed hops
  • Explain the functional description of modules of Flexi Hybrid MW radio in different configurations
  • Integrate the Flexi Hybrid MW radio in centralized NMS system for alarm and performance reporting
  • Remote connection through NMS and performing configuration changes/ traffic diversions

Course Details

Flexi Hybrid Radio module functional description

  • Flexi Hybrid module functionality
  • Installation configuration
  • PDH, SDH and Ethernet settings
  • Optional Radio settings within Flexi Hybrid

   Flexi Hybrid Radio Installation and Protection techniques 

  • Installing IDU sub modules
  • IDU-ODU cable installation check
  • IDU & ODU configuration settings
  • Super PDH, SDH, Giga Ethernet configuration with protection schemes
  • Comparitive understanding among FIU and Flexi Hybrid
  • Optional I/O modules

   Flexi Hybrid Radio Commissioning, Alignment and integration 

  • Point to point MW Radio link system
  • Commissioning Flexi Hybrid Radio module
  • Hardware and software requirements for Flexi Hybrid Radio Module
  • Configuring hardware settings, transmission interfaces and synchronization settings
  • Configuring optical and Ethernet payload
  • MW link alignment and troubleshooting

   Flexi Hybrid Radio management through NMS (with Practical Exercises)

  • Configuring NMS and QOS configuration
  • Fault & performance management through NMS
  • Creating and configuring MW radio objects in NMS
  • Taking remote sessions and perform configuration changes



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