NSN 3G RNC & Node B: O&M (Corporate Only)


About NSN 3G RNC & Node B : O&M

This program provides deep understanding of system and functional description of NSN 3G RNC and Node B. The course covers the hardware modules of Node B and RNC with different configurations and Installation options. It explains the RNC Architecture, Interfaces, IPA2800 platform and redundancy principles. The participants will get the exposure on MML commands used in RNC, alarm handling, file system and commissioning of NSN Node B and RNC.

Course Pre-requisites

The candidates attending this program should have understanding of 2G & 3G technology. He should possess relevant experience on 2G BTS & BSC, with working knowledge of 3G equipments.

Course Summary

  • WCDMA BTS Overview
  • Node B System Architecture and functional Modules
  • Node B Installation & Commissioning
  • RNC Architecture & Interfaces
  • RNC Platform IPA2800
  • System and Functional Units
  • User data and signaling flow in RNC
  • MML User Interface
  • Alarms Handling & Preventive Maintenance
  • RNC File System
  • Monitor Signaling Status
  • Software Package Management
  • RNC Operation & Maintenance System

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Understand the Node B & RNC Architecture and interfaces
  • Explain the hardware & System modules of the Node B and RNC
  • Perform Commissioning of Node B with different configurations
  • Use IPA2800 platform and MML commands in RNC
  • Understand the User data and signaling flow in RNC
  • Explain the RNC File System & Software Packages

Course Details

WCDMA BTS Overview

  • Introduction to Radio Access Network
  • RAN Interfaces

   Node B System Architecture and functional Modules

  • System Module
  • Transport Module
  • Sector Module
  • Power Module

   Node B Installation & Commissioning

  • Introduction to Site Wizard
  • Task Selection
  • Traffic Description

   RNC Architecture & Interfaces

  • UMTS basic network Architecture (Rel 7)
  • UTRAN Interfaces

   RNC Platform IPA2800

  • Generic Functional Architecture of IPA2800
  • Block Diagram of IPA2800
  • Conceptual model
  • Comparison between DX200 & IPA2800
  • IPA2800 Redundancy Principles

   System and Functional Units

  • RNC mechanical Design
  • Connector Panels
  • RNC functional units in RU20
  • Architecture of RNC2600, 196 & 450

   User data and signaling flow in RNC

  • Permanent Signalling Links Traffic Flow
  • Common Control Channel Traffic Flow
  • Dedicated Control Channel Traffic Flow
  • CS & PS user data Traffic Flow

   MML User Interface

  • User Interface Types
  • Man-to-Machine Interface (MMI)
  • MML Menu Hierarchy
  • MML Commands

   RNC File System

  • File system in memory and on disk
  • File Types
  • DX200/IPA2800 Files location
  • Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)

   Monitor Signalling Status

  • Signalling Network Status
  • Signalling Link & Routes
  • Network Statistics

   Software Package Management

  • Disk Directory Structure
  • Statuses of Software Package
  • Software Package handling
  • RNC Change Delivery (CD) Implementation



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