How to Manage Change (Corporate Only)


Today’s change management initiatives have become a business discipline, driving bottom-line results

through changes in systems and behaviors. Managing change has therefore become a critical skill, both

for leadership and for workers in an organization. This workshop is aimed to provide insights to

participants on a structured way to deal with “change” starting from understanding and preparing for the

change, leading and managing it and garnering support from stakeholders that would make the process



Course Pre-requisites


Course Summary

  • Preparing for Change
  • Identifying the WIFM
  • Understanding Change
  • Leading and managing Change
  • Gaining Support
  • Making it all worthwhile
  • Using appreciative enquiry
  • Building people to your side
  • Building resiliency
  • Building flexibility

After attending this program, you should be able to:

  • List the steps necessary for preparing a change strategy and building support for the change
  • Describe the WIFM – the individual motivators for change
  • Use needed components to develop a change management and communications plans, and to list implementation strategies
  • Employ strategies for gathering data, addressing concerns and issues, evaluating options and adapting a change direction
  • Utilize methods for leading change project status meetings, celebrating a successful change implementation, and sharing the results and benefits
  • Describe the four states of Appreciative Inquiry, its purposes, and sample uses in case studies
  • Use strategies for aligning people with a change, appealing to emotions and facts
  • Describe the importance of resiliency in the context of change, and employ strategies the change leader and individual change participant can use to foster resiliency
  • Explain the importance of flexibility in the context of change, and demonstrate methods the change leader and individual change participant can use to promote flexibility



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