LTE/SAE Packet Core


About the Course

LTE SAE Packet Core program provides basic understanding of EPS Networks. Participants gain an overview on the evolution, architecture, protocols, services and application of these networks.

Course Pre-requisites

The Candidates undergoing this program should have basic knowledge of mobile telecom network technologies like GSM, CDMA and WCDMA, with IP understanding.

Course Summary

  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • LTE/SAE Evolved Packet Core
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • LTE/SAE Procedures

After attending this program, you should be able to :

  • Define the evolution path of EPS networks with application areas
  • Explain and relate EPS Technology to Network Elements
  • Define the EPS network Architecture, interfaces and applications
  • Understand the functionality of EPS Packet core network elements
  • Explain the QoS and Security aspects

Course Details

Long Term Evolution (LTE)

  • LTE/SAE Overview and applications
  • LTE/SAE Network Architecture
  • LTE/SAE Mobility and Session Management
  • LTE Air Interface
  • Voice/SMS over LTE

   LTE/SAE Evolved Packet Core

  • Architecture of EPC
  • EPS network entities and interfaces
  • GTP/PMIP based Interfaces
  • Trusted and untrusted Access
  • Selection Procedures for MME, SGW-PGW,SGSN,PCRF

   Quality of Service (QoS) 

  • SAE QoS concept and bearer level parameters
  • Transport QoS
  • Policy and Charging Control, PCC, architecture and provisioning

   LTE/SAE Evolved Procedures 

  • Attach and Detach Procedures
  • TA Procedures
  • Handover Procedures
  • Bearer Procedures
  • SRVCC and CS Fallback



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