JNCIA JUNOS (Corporate Only)

JNCIA JUNOS training program is designed to gain understanding of the Juniper router product portfolio. This course explains the series of Juniper Routers with hardware components and features.

It introduces the Juniper Networking software and exposes to configure Juniper router using Junos

JNCIA JUNOS Course Pre-requisites

The candidates attending JNCIA JUNOS program should have basic understanding of IP networking & technology.

Course Summary

  • Juniper Router Series Overview
  • Juniper Router Hardware and Features
  • Junos Networking Software
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Router Interface Configuration
  • Configure IP Routing

After attending this program, you should be able to :

  • Explain the components of Juniper Router series
  • Understand the working functionality of Juniper Networking Software
  • Operate Junos to configure various command sets
  • Understand the command modes of Juniper Router
  • Configure the router Interfaces and assigning them IP addresses

Course Details

Juniper Router Series Overview

  • Routing Engine
  • Packet forwarding Engine
  • Software Architecture
  • M-Series, T-Series, J-Series

   Juniper Router Hardware and Features 

  • Processor, RAM, Flash Drive, Hard Disk
  • Router Chassis
  • Physical Interface Cards
  • Power Supplies

   Junos Networking Software 

  • Boot Sequence
  • Components
  • Version
  • Upgradation of Software

   Command Line Interface(CLI)

  • Operational mode
  • Configuration Mode

   Router Interface Configuration

  • Interface Types
  • Interface Configuration Syntax
  • Interface configuration Examples
  • Interface commands

   Configure IP Routing 

  • Static Routes
  • Aggregated Routes
  • Generated Routes



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