Industrial Control System and SCADA Security (Corporate Only)


The training course on Industrial Control System (ICS) and SCADA Security has been designed keeping in view the importance of network security in today’s advanced technological environment. The course tries to counter the threat to the World Wide Web (www) from black hackers and malicious threats. The concepts taught in the ICS and Scada Security course shall aid the network security personnel, as well as professionals involved in testing of multiple sites and vulnerability testing for large scale industry networks.

This course from Cognitel shall help in the requisite knowledge, experience and skills to strengthen the career of the participants.

Course Objectives

  • Concepts of Industrial Control Systems
  • Constraints and drivers of ICS
  • Automating, Auditing and Understanding Forensics
  • Hardening ICS Systems
  • Handling incidents and managing passwords
  • Assessing risks

Eligibility Requirements

The ICS and SCADA course can be taken up by people interested to build up their career in Network Security. Freshers and professionals can take up the course.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Industrial Control Systems
    • Overview of SCADA, DCS and PLCs
    • ICS operations and components
    • SCADA Systems
    • Distributed Control Systems
    • Programmable Logic Controllers
    • Industrial Sectors and Their Interdependencies
  • SCADA Characteristics, Threats and Vulnerabilities
    • Threats
    • Vulnerabilities
    • Risk Factors
    • Possible Incident Scenarios
    • Sources of Incidents
    • Documented Incidents
  • Security Program Development and Deployment
    • Business Case for Security
    • Developing a comprehensive security program
  • Network Architecture
    • Firewalls
    • Logical Separated control network
    • Network Segregation
    • Recommended Defense in depth Architecture
    • General firewall policies for ICS and SCADA
    • Specific ICS firewall issues
    • Single points of failure
    • Redundancy and Fault Tolerance
    • Preventing Man in the middle attacks
  • Security Controls
    • Management Controls
    • Operational Controls
    • Technical Controls
  • SCADA in action
    • Detecting Cyber Attacks on SCADA systems
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Security Patch Management
    • Anti‐Virus Protection and Management
    • SCADA security Standards
    • Incident Handling and Forensics
    • SIEM and SCADA

Live Virtual Class Info

This course can be delivered in live virtual classroom mode, where,  you do not have to travel miles to take up this courses as we bring learning at your fingertips

Cognitel’s easy-to-use interactive online platform provides access to students and professionals to engage in courses, delivered by our experienced subject matter expert, from comforts of their home, office or on mobile devices.

In Live Virtual Classroom training, there is provision of :

    1. One to One Training (Personalized) :

  • The start date can be scheduled depending on the participant’s convenience.
  • 5 classes @ 4 hours per day
  • Training Time:
    • 1900 hours to 2300 hours (Indian Standard Time)
    • 1330 hours to 1730 hours (Greenwich Mean Time)

    2. Group Training  :

  • Minimum batch size: 5 (to initiate a batch)
  • 5 classes @ 4 hours per day
  • Training Time:
    • 1900 hours to 2300 hours (Indian Standard Time)
    • 1330 hours to 1730 hours (Greenwich Mean Time)



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