Huawei RTN (910/950/980) Microwave Radio (Corporate Only)


This program covers the hardware & functional modules of RTN 910 Microwave radio. The course gives the exposure on Installation, Commissioning, configuration and Integration of RTN 910 Microwave radio. It also explains the Network Management System using T2000 Web LCT.


Huawei RTN Microwave Radio Course Pre-requisites

Participants attending Huawei RTN Microwave Radio program should have basic understanding of transmission technologies like PDH, SDH, IP and MPLS. He or She should possess relevant work experience on microwave transport network.

Course Summary

  • Describe system structure and hardware structure of RTN 910/950/980
  • Illustrate MPLS,PWE3 & Ethernet
  • Outline MPLS tunnel creation, MPLS OAM
  • Explain Typical PWE3 encapsualtion format for service
  • Implement maintenance operations of RTN 910/950/980
  • Understand the main functions of U2000 fault management,Performance Managment
  • Judge the common faults in RTN 910/950/980

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Describe the main characteristics of RTN 910/950/980
  • Describe the system structure,functions and application of every unit
  • Understand network applications for digital microwave systems
  • Describe the MPLS tunnel (LSP) creation procedure, Basic concept of PWE3
  • Illustrate the installation procedures and steps of antenna, ODU/hybrid coupler and IDU
  • Configure radio links of the RTN 910/950/980, Service configuration in packet plane
  • Perform site commissioning of the RTN 910/950/980



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