Huawei PS Core Network and O&M (Corporate Only)

Huawei PS Core Network and O&M provides a good understanding of HUAWEI Release 4 PS Core Network architecture, interfaces, Usera nd control planes, signaling protocols, Routing principles and functional modules of various Network Elements. A detailed study of hardware and software platform on HUAWEI SGSN, GGSN etc. along with basic routing and data configuration is a part of this program.


Huawei PS Core Network and O&M Course Pre-requisites

Participants attending Huawei PS Core Network and O&M program should have at least a year of experience in operation and maintenance of GPRS NSS/UMTS PS or other telecommunication equipments. He or She should be familiar with MS Windows Operation System with basic knowledge of mobile communication.

  • Introduction to Rel.4 with SGSN & GGSN Architecture
  • Control Plane & User Plane Protocols and its configurations
  • SGSN – GGSN Interfaces and Protocols
  • HUAWEI SGSN 9810 Architecture
  • HUAWEI GGSN 9811 Architecture
  • Basic of Routing & Configuration
  • Perform operation through LMT
  • Perofrm local office data configuration
  • Systems Administration, Maintenance
  • Integration SGSN to SGSN (Gn Interface), SGSN to GGSN (Gn Interface), SGSN to GGSN (Gp Interface)
  • Basic Operation and Maintenance Procedures

After attending this program, you should be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of Huawei PS Core Network elements
  • Perform routine Operations and Maintenance over Huawei PS Core network
  • Execute basic to intermediate level troubleshooting activities over Huawei PS Core



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