Huawei Certified ICT Professional – Storage

Huawei Certified ICT Professional (HCIP) Storage Certification :

HCIP-Storage is an IT convergence certification, is positioned to construct capabilities of storage professional engineers and validate the knowledge and skills required for product technologies, plan and design, operation and maintenance, troubleshooting of Huawei Storage products.

HCIP-Storage covers but is not limited to:
Huawei enterprise storage and cloud storage product technologies, plan and design, deployment and management, maintenance and troubleshooting. OceanStor backup solution and OceanStor disaster recovery (DR) solution technologies, plan and design, deployment and management, operation and maintenance.

HCIP-Storage certification shows a proven comprehensive and thorough understanding of Huawei storage technology and strong ability to independently deliver Huawei storage system.

With HCIP-Storage certified engineers, enterprises are able to deploy and manage Huawei storage systems, as well as deploy and manage OceanStor backup system and OceanStor DR system

About the Course

With HCIP Storage certified engineers, enterprises gain a good grasp of Huawei’s storage systems of all series, including:

  • software functionality,
  • software module architecture,
  • interface operations,
  • daily maintenance and
  • fault diagnosis of the storage system.

Pre-requisites for HCIP Storage Course

  • HCIA certification or the similar knowledge

Course Outline

HC-624-ENU HCIP-Storage-CUSN V2.5 Exam Outline

Exam Content
HCIP-Storage-CUSN  exam contain SAN storage structure, module and storage data process and communication protocol (SCSI、FC、iSCSI) principle and application, storage data reliability and business continuity technology, storage system management feature and configuration, storage and mainstream OS platform connection and application, storage network redundant technology and application, snapshot, LUNCopy, Replication principle, planning and deployment, SAN storage system and network typical fault diagnose and disposal.

Knowledge points
Overview of a Unified Storage System
1 SAN storage system and its architectureFC protocol
2 Mainstream SAN protocols
3 NAS storage system and its architecture
4 NAS file share protocols

Unified storage technology and application
1 RAID 2.0 Technology
2 Smart technologies
3 Hyper technologies

Connecting Unified Storage Systems to Hosts
1 Connecting storage systems to UNIX-based hosts
2 UltraPath deployment and management

Storage System Troubleshooting
1 General troubleshooting principle, procedure, and methods
2 Troubleshooting guidelines and methods for SAN storage systems

Unified Storage System Planning and Design
1 Planning principle and process
2 Host-layer planning
3 Network-layer planning
4 Storage-layer planning
5 Planning cases

Huawei high-end storage system Installation and Maintenance
1 Hardware Structure
2 Hardware Installation and Cabling
3 Project Survey, Unloading and Moving Guide
4 Maintenance Tools
5 Interoperability

After attending this program, you should be able to:

  • Understand Huawei’s storage  technologies
  • Independently deliver Huawei storage
  • Attempt HCIP Storage exam (H13-624)



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