Green Energy Solutions – Applied to Telecom Networks (Corporate Only)

Green Energy Solutions applied to Telecom Networks :

It covers the working principle of Solar, Wind Turbine, and Li-Ion Battery bank in BTS.



What are Green Energy Sources ?

All are aware of the world wide concern on negative effects of non-renewable energy sources as coal, water, oil, gas and so on to the environment as well as the health of the general population. Therefore, nowadays industries have been looking towards renewable energy, that are derived from resources that can be continuously replenished.

Renewable sources include sunlight, wind, rain, waves and geo-thermal heat. These use natural resources and do not cause pollution, thus are named as the “Green Energy Sources”

Course Pre-requisites

Participants attending Green Energy Solutions should possess basic understanding of electrical terminologies, AC/DC power supply, and basic usage of solar, wind turbine & battery bank.

Course Summary

  • Overview of Mobile Telecom Industry
  • BTS Site Network Elements
  • Power Interface Unit, Power Plant, Battery Bank, Diesel Generator
  • Overview
  • Major Green Energy Solutions
  • Hybrid Energy System

After attending this program, you should be able to:

  • Explain various Electrical elements at BTS site
  • Understand the working principles of Solar system, Wind turbine Unit, Battery bank and Power Plant
  • Calculate AC and DC loads
  • Understand the criticality of various alarms
  • Perform Fault management
  • Conduct preventive and corrective maintenance of Solar system, Wind turbine



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