Ericsson 4G RAN: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

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Ericsson LTE System Architecture

  • LTE Network architecture overview
  • QOS parameters and impact on Network Performance
  • ANR feature and impact on Network
  • Ericsson 6000 series hardware

LTE RAN/OSS-RC Overview and Functionality

  • OSS-RC, Element Manager and Command Line Interface (CLI) during a troubleshooting procedure
  • Scripting (AMOS) interface and Node Command Line Interface (NCLI)
  • Lock and restart boards and nodes including the soft/hard lock concept
  • Check the status of the Managed Objects to find out the health of the node

Ericsson eNodeB Alarm :

  • Investigate the purpose and the location of the various types of logs in a CPP Based node
  • Location, purpose and reading Alarm, Event logs, Error Log and Post Mortem
  • Dump(PMD) Log, Availability Log
  • Data collection for Customer Service Request (CSR) when a problem is suspected in the LTE RAN network

LTE RAN Troubleshooting :

  • Performance Statistics and Performance Monitoring
  • Integration issues and troubleshooting procedures
  • eNodeB health check by CLI (Moshell)
  • Common alarms/faults in eNodeB and troubleshooting
  • Mo structure EUTRAN and quick steps to get Scripts for a Managed Object in eNodeB
  • Moshell Commands to get eNodeB configuration details

Check Alarm List :

  • Check Alarms, and System Log
  • Check Node Restarts and System Downtime
  • Check CPP Hardware Boards, Free Space on Volumes
  • Check Date, Time and Network Synchronization
  • Check TermpointToMME and TermpointToEnodeB
  • Check MME in pool configuration Check S1, X2 connections
  • Check Complete eNodeB health check as a pre/post check requirements
  • Check CV’s stored on eNodeB and Make a Backup CV

Script functionalities :

  • DUL and DUS carrier addition Scripts
  • DUL to DUS migration process and troubleshooting the common issues
  • Delta GS and Baseline scripts and impact on Network performance
  • RET Type 17/Type 1 related scripts and common issues
  • Digital Units, Radio Configuration
  • 1C, 2C and 3C related configuration
  • Defining Alarm Inputs (External Alarms)

LTE RAN Signaling & Interfaces Level :

  • LTE protocol
  • Control and User plane protocols
  • X2, S1-C, S1-U, S6/S5, S8 interfaces

LTE eNodeB Troubleshooting :

  • Understand Synchronization Issue
  • Sync degraded and hold over mode RBS Level
  • Plug unit disabled
  • Back Up & Support
  • System Restore and System Downtime analysis
  • RET issues and troubleshooting

Remote Delivery/SW Delivery :

  • Node Integration common issues and tricks to resolve
  • Software installation
  • SW Verification & Up-gradation
  • Performance Check (PMR)
  • Force/Delta Installation and confirm upgrade
  • LKF Installation through CLI and GUI
  • eNodeB Pre /Post Health Check
  • Traffic check /Cell availability
  • X2 and S1-U/S1-C ping test
  • KPI basic monitoring
  • KPI Degradation /cs call/ps call test



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      Instructor was knowledgeable on the subject and had real experience.
      Instructor was flexible and changed structure to suit my requirements.
      Instructor also shared very important documentation’

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      Best opportunity

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      i want more information about the cours


      i want more information about the course please about hour start and finish

      Thank you

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