Ericsson 3G RNC 3810/3820 (Corporate Only)

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This program provides an in-depth understanding of system and functional description of Ericsson RNC.  The course covers the hardware architecture of RNC 3810/3820 and its node variants. It explains the cabinet and subrack layouts with different configurations. The participants will get exposed to MOSHELL commands used in RNC, alarm handling, file system and commissioning of RNC.

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Course Objectives

Upon completion of Ericsson 3G RNC 3810/3820 Training, participants will learn how to:

  • Explain the RNC Hardware Architecture and various interfaces
  • Understand the working principle of MOSHELL and various commands to configure RNC
  • Perform Commissioning of RNC with different configurations
  • Explain the working principles and functioning of CPP platform
  • Explain various mandatory boards used for different configurations
  • Explain C-Pack, T-Pack, Infra Structure and Central Processor Boards
  • Perform alarm analysis & troubleshooting of Ericsson RNC

Eligibility Requirements

Participants attending this program should have an understanding of 2G & 3G technology. He or She should possess relevant experience on 2G BSC, with working knowledge of 3G equipment’s.

  • RNC 3810/3820 Architecture & Interfaces
  • RNC Platform CCP
  • Hardware Structure and Functional Units
  • User data and signaling flow in RNC
  • MOSHELL User Interface
  • Alarms Handling & Preventive Maintenance
  • Software Package Management
  • RNC Operation & Maintenance System

Live Virtual Class Info”

This course can be delivered in live virtual classroom mode, where,  you do not have to travel miles to take up this courses as we bring learning at your fingertips

Cognitel’s easy-to-use interactive online platform provides access to students and professionals to engage in courses, delivered by our experienced subject matter expert, from comforts of their home, office or on mobile devices.

In Live Virtual Classroom training, there is provision of :

    1. One to One Training (Personalized) :

  • The start date can be scheduled depending on the participant’s convenience.
  • 5 classes @ 4 hours per day
  • Training Time:
    • 1900 hours to 2300 hours (Indian Standard Time)
    • 1330 hours to 1730 hours (Greenwich Mean Time)

    2. Group Training  :

  • Minimum batch size: 5 (to initiate a batch)
  • 5 classes @ 4 hours per day
  • Training Time:
    • 1900 hours to 2300 hours (Indian Standard Time)
    • 1330 hours to 1730 hours (Greenwich Mean Time)


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