Ericsson 3G RAN: Troubleshooting & Maintenance (Corporate Only)

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Basic principal of Fault Management and Common Integration issues :

  • Detection and Analysis of Faults
  • Collection of Logs
  • IP based and ATM based transport network
  • Customer Product Information (CPI)
  • Ericsson Specific Tools and use in troubleshooting

Ericsson CPP Node Overview:

  • CLI/AMOS commands to understand Fault Tolerant Core (FTC) concept architecture of RNC 3820 and RNC 3810
  • Managed Object attributes, interfaces configuration from a CPP based node, including Ethernet port configuration, Virtual LAN implementation, IP , SCTP, M3UA, SCCP, NBAP, RANAP and RNSAP
  • Node-B 3000 and 6000 series hardware
  • ATM and IP based network solution and boards in RNC

WCDMA RAN/OSS-RC Overview and Functionality :

  • Transport Network Viewer, Alarm List Viewer, WCDMA RAN Performance Measurements
  • Common Explorer GUI, Cabinet Equipment Viewer, Advanced Managed Object
  • Scripting (AMOS) interface and Node Command Line Interface (NCLI)
  • Lock and restart boards and nodes including the soft/hard lock concept

Ericsson CPP Node/WCDMA RAN Node Alarm :

  • Investigate the purpose and the location of the various types of logs in a CPP Based node
  • Location and purpose and read Alarm, Event logs, Error Log, Post Mortem etc.
  • Dump(PMD) Log, Availability Log
  • Data collection for Customer Service Request (CSR) when a problem is suspected in the WRAN network

WCDMA RAN Troubleshooting :

  • Performance Statistics and Performance Monitoring
  • Initiate statistics from the OSS-RC for RNC health check by CLI (Moshell)
  • Integration issues and troubleshooting procedures
  • Common alarms/faults in RNC 3820 and troubleshooting
  • MO structure UTRAN and Scripts for a Managed Object in RNC 3820
  • Moshell Commands to get RNC 3820 configuration details
  • STP, RSTP protection paths definition in RNC 3820

Check Alarm List :

  • Check Alarms, and System Log
  • Check Node Restarts and System Downtime
  • Check CPP Hardware Boards, Free Space on Volumes
  • Check Date, Time and Network Synchronization
  • Check MTP3B Termination Points, M3uA Associations and MTP3B Signaling Links Sets
  • Check Device Pools
  • Check the Iu/Mur/Mut Links and Nbap/RANAP/RNSAP Status Check Utran Cells Status and traffic on RNC
  • Check CV’s stored on RNC and Make a Backup CV

Script functionalities :

  • Iub and O&M Scripts
  • External Hardware script, Cabinet equipment script
  • RBS EM/RNC EM /Run command file
  • True multi standard & mixed mode support
  • Radio Frequency (RF) capabilities and power
  • Radio Building Blocks
  • Digital Units, Radio Configuration
  • Defining Antenna Supervision Parameters
  • Defining Alarm Inputs (External Alarms)
  • Defining Power and Battery Parameters

Day 4

WCDMA RAN Signaling & Interfaces Level :

  • WCDMA protocol
    IU-cs, IU-ps, Iur, Iub
  • Mur,Mub and Mut OSS-RC definition

RBS/RNC Troubleshooting :

  • Understand Synchronization Issue
  • Sync degraded and hold over mode RBS Level
  • Plug unit disabled
  • Back Up & Support
  • System Restore and System Downtime analysis
  • ATM traffic descriptor mismatch issue with practical examples
  • HSDPA/HSPA related issues and troubleshooting

Remote Delivery/SW Delivery :

  • Node Integration common issues and tricks to resolve
  • Software installation
  • SW Verification
  • SW Up-gradation
  • Performance Check (PMR)
  • Force/Delta Installation and confirm upgrade LKF Installation
  • RNC Pre /Post Health Check
  • HC Comparison after activity
  • Traffic check /Cell availability
  • IU-CS,IU-PS ping test
  • KPI basic monitoring
  • KPI Degradation /cs call/ps call test


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