Effective Telecom Tower Site Acquisition: Process and Sales Negotiation (Corporate Only)

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Overview : 

This program provides basic understanding of technology aspects involved in Site Acquisition process, including fundamentals of GSM & 3G networks. This course explains the step-by-step process of identifying and acquiring quality cell sites. It describes the most effective way to review, research, locate, negotiate and acquire the best cell sites.

It also explains the techniques to handle search rings with ease and deal with small property owners as well as large property management companies and tower owners.


Course Pre-requisites

The candidates attending this program should have site deployment experience and basic understanding of telecom networks.

Course Summary

  • Mobile Technology Introduction
  • Basic RF Planning Guidelines
  • Elements of Effective Site Selection
  • Elements of BTS Site
  • Tools for Site Acquisition
  • Soft Acquisition Process (New Sites)
  • Hard Acquisition Process (New Sites)
  • Site Acquisition Upgrade Process
  • Rent Policy
  • Site Acquisition Challenges & Behavior

After attending this program, you should be able to :

  • Understand the technology aspects involved in acquiring the sites
  • Review network design for more efficient planning and execution of the entire site acquisition process
  • Utilize search rings effectively to quickly screen out the bad sites and select the best ones
  • Approach prospective landlords and then negotiate to finalize the deal
  • Understand the Radio Planner aspect in planning the network design and sites
  • Implement the effective ways of acquiring the sites

Mobile Technology Introduction

  • Evolution of Wireless Technologies (1G to 4G)
  • GSM, CDMA & WCDMA Overview and impact on Site Selection

Basic RF Planning Guidelines 

  • Identification of Site Search Area
  • RF and LOS Survey
  • Morphological Classification of Clutters

Elements of Effective Site Selection 

  • Acquisition guidelines for GBT and RTT sites
  • Cautionary Areas

Elements of BTS Site

  • Civil & Electrical Element specifications and Load
  • Active Infrastructure Elements

Soft & Hard Site Acquisition Process (New & Upgrade Sites)

Rent Policy

Site Acquisition Challenges and Behavior

  • Site Tracking and Preparation
  • Unlock Owner’s Interest
  • Confirm Interest & Understanding
  • Check Site Details
  • Eliminate Doubts & Objections
  • Secure documents for Legal Agreement
  • Sign the Deal


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