Circuit Core Fundamentals & Planning Fundamentals (Corporate Only)


About the Course

This course is intended to provide a sound introduction to the world of telecommunications and fundamentals of switching in telecom. This course provides basic concepts in telecom for authentications, securities and call operations in telecom networks. This course will also details various types of signaling, difference between signaling and user part.

Circuit Core Fundamentals & Planning Fundamentals Course Pre-requisites

Participants undergoing Circuit Core Fundamentals & Planning Fundamentals program should have basic knowledge of mobile telecom network technologies like GSM, CDMA and WCDMA, with IP understanding.

  • The concept, function and hierarchy introduction of CCS7
  • Basic signaling procedure of CCS7
  • The overall architecture of switch module
  • The overall knowledge of system architecture and its services
  • The functional structure, control structure and network structure
  • Hardware architecture and function of each functional module
  • Factors Affecting the NE Configuration & function of network design
  • Principle for signaling bandwidth calculation
  • Principle for data-plane bandwidth calculation
  • Calculation of the Traffic, Calculation Principle

After attending this program, you should be able to:

  • Describe different signaling systems in telecom
  • Explain the concept, function and application of CCS7
  • Understand the basic architecture of switching system in telecom including hardware used
  • Explain the function of each module which is a part of switch system
  • Describe Hardware architecture in Rel. 99 and Rel. 4 version
  • GSM/UMTS CS Core Network Planning Overview
  • Plan for Network structure, MSC number, Roaming, Interface networking mode
  • Calculate bandwidth for different interface in CS network
  • Perform signaling link and signaling load calculation



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