BSS and Radio Element Essentials (Corporate Only)


This program provides understanding of GSM, CDMA and WCDMA technologies. It examines service aspects, architecture, operation, and network planning and implementation strategies for each technology. Detailed overview on functionalities of various network elements in each technology is provided to the participants.

In addition, the participants gain a basic understanding PDH and SDH technologies, Microwave and Optical fiber communication. Participants are also exposed to the various Active and Passive Infrastructure elements deployed on Base Station Sites.


Course Pre-requisites

The candidates attending this program should have basic understanding  of telecom networks & generations with GSM concepts.

Course Summary

  • UMTS Technology – An Evolution from GSM 2G and 2.5G
  • 3G Services and Application
  • Network Architecture, Interfaces & Signaling protocols of UMTS
  • UTRAN functionality and working principle
  • Transport technologies in UMTS

After attending this program, you should be able to :

  • Define the architecture of UMTS Network vis-à-vis 2G network
  • Explain and relate UMTS Technology to Network Elements
  • Understand the traffic concepts of UMTS Networks to manage & operate the Networks
  • Understand different interfaces & signaling protocols in UMTS Networks
  • Understand various transport network technologies & topologies

Technology Overview

  • Communication Network (Types & Applications)
  • Wireless Communication
  • Wireless technologies and application areas
  • Cellular Networks (Evolution & Technology)
  • GSM – Network basic architecture, Interfaces & protocols
  • CDMA – Evolution, Spread Spectrum Technique, NW Architecture and Radio channels
  • WCDMA (UMTS Architecture) – Network basic architecture, Interfaces, protocols & Radio channels
  • PDH & SDH technologies – PCM, Quantization, E1/T1 & Higher frame structures
  • Microwave and Optical fiber communication, LOS concept & Microwave link budget

   3G Services and Applications

  • Circuit Switched Services
  • Packet Switched Services
  • Message Services

   Network Elements – Mobile Networks

  • Network elements used within RAN/BSS
  • Network elements used within RAN
  • Main functions of BTS/Node B, BSC/RNC, Core Elements etc
  • Network Management System Overview

  Active & Passive Infrastructure Elements at Base Station Site

  • Site Infrastructure Elements (Civil & Electrical)
  • Active Elements (BTS, MW, MUX etc.)

  Transport technologies Network Elements in UMTS

  • Concepts of PDH and SDH
  • IP and ATM Basics



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