Past Events

Presentations, interviews and snippets of current and passed events.

Innovation Africa Digital Summit 2019 – ‘NATIONAL AGENDA ACCELERATION’

IAD 2019 acknowledges the fact that Africa is a diverse continent of nations at different stages of ICT maturity. ICT maturity rankings are a measurement for how well a country is progressing and a benchmark for how they are performing alongside their neighbors.

Connect Africa, 11-12 Sept 2018 – Combining C2C & F-SAT Africa

From 2G to 5G, Fibre to LTE, High-Throughput Satellite to C-Band Satellite, Virtualised Networks and everything in between, network connectivity is available in Africa but choosing the right coverage for the right environment is the key to success.

Innovation Africa Digital (IAD) Summit 2018 “Access, Engage & Retain”

As we continue along the path to a Digital Africa, ICT service providers, government agencies and large enterprises.

Connect to Connect Summit 28th to 29th November 2017 “Smarter Infrastructure”

Africa needs more Digital Infrastructure to feed the increasing demands for Digital Services. Africa needs More reliable Digital Infrastructure to accommodate the exciting Digital Opportunity that the continent currently faces.

Future-Sat Africa 11th to 12th July 2017 “Smarter Networks”

The biggest challenge to providing universal access to socio-economic development in Africa is in providing people with affordable, reliable and ubiquitous access to ICT.