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The ubiquity of mobile phones is changing the way consumers pay.

In the past year we have seen some countries struggle to attract interest in new licences and privatisation of incumbent operators where, as we are well aware, Ethiopia is seeing a great deal of interest from the international community. We are seeing some countries where laying fibre and investing in 5G is attracting a ‘feeding frenzy’ from international companies where others are failing to attract investors. We want to hear from the continent’s biggest operators to get an insight into what they find attractive and to advise those currently less attractive markets, on how they can turn things around and encourage international interest.

What must a country do to attract investment from the big players

We are seeing many countries across Africa looking to attract the big Telco players to set up operations with new license opportunities and share ownership in incumbent operators.

What do countries need to do in order to attract these big players into their market. Is it only down to market size?

Can smaller countires make themselves more attractive to investors?


14:00 Introduction and Welcome

Frank Smith, Conference Chair – Extensia Limited

14:05 Subject Opener

Tim Smith, Regional Vice President Sales for Africa

14:30 Customer speaker

Dave Smith, Group Manager: ICT,

14:45 Q&A Session

Tim Smith, Dave Smith

14:55 Closing and End of webinar

Frank Smith, Conference Chair – Extensia Limited