The biggest challenge to providing universal access to socio-economic development in Africa is in providing people with affordable, reliable and ubiquitous access to ICT. Depending on their circumstance, people have many different requirements ranging from:

If ICT is the key to unlocking Africa’s full potential, socially and economically, Communication Networks are the roadmap to finding the lock!

• Access to basic services which enable significant improvements to their daily lives
• High-Speed uninterrupted access that enables video on demand, streamed broadcast programming, social media, OTT to demanding digital citizens and mission critical services for international businesses
• Mobile access that enables remote and mobile workers who need connectivity to move with them.
• Secure networks that allow sensitive and confidential information to be communicated in confidence
• Communication Service Providers, Large Enterprise, Governments and the Third Sector each face differing challenges in provisioning networks that will provide their stakeholders with access to ICT that will enable fulfilment of their objectives

Today, Satellite provides Mobile Backhaul Push Data Services Linear and Non-Linear TV Converged Media Broadband Services Many M2M Services.
By 2025 over 100 High Throughput Satellite Systems will be in orbit delivering Terabits of connectivity across the World using Ku and Ka bands.
C-band Satellite alone is essential in the delivery of key services:

FutureSat Africa is an intimate gatheirng of key decision makers. Policy Makers, Regulators, Service Providers, Broadcasters and Major End Users of Telecoms and ICT in Africa. To optimise networking, this is an invitation only summit with all delegates going through a qualification process before being allocated a VIP place. FutureSat Africa goes beyond the conference agenda to present a tailored and personalised solution sourcing service utilising Extensia Bridge’s complimentary solution sourcing service. FutureSat Africa sees the inauguration of two working groups, one focussed on Policy Makers and Regulators and the other focussed on Broadcasting. The evolution of the satellite sector and it’s integration with terrestrial networks, presents huge opportunities and the FutureSat Africa Summit is a platform for key stakeholders to embrace these opportunities.

Date And Time

Tue, 11 Jul 2017, 08:00 –

Wed, 12 Jul 2017, 17:00 WAT


Abuja, Nigeria