Telecom Business Process

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Course Overview

About the Course

Frameworx is the new name for NGOSS which is a combination of other frameworks. It maps the old one with new ones. Such as:

  • eTOM to Business Process Framework
  • SID to Information Framework, and
  • TNA to Integration Framework

The course extensively covers the above-mentioned framework.

Briefly, eTOM is a reference framework that categorizes all the business activities that a service provider performs.

SID is basically designed for standard representation of data so that it can be shared or reused by different OSS and BSS applications provisioned by multiple vendors.

TNA along with Interfaces forms an “Integration Framework”. TNA is an architecture that is sustainable through technology changes and integrates other applications using interfaces.

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Telecom Operations Course Pre-Requisites

Basic understanding telecommunication network.

Target Audience

Engineering students or people interested to learn more about ICT Operations.

Course Outline

  • NGOSS, eTOM Model
  • NGOSS – NGOSS Life Cycle Model, NGOSS Frameworks
  • eTOM – eTOM Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 processes
  • SID – SID Framework
  • Relation between eTOM & SID

After Completion of the Course, you will be able to explain:

  • Frameworx
  • eTOM
  • SID
  • TNA