Operation Support System – OSS

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Course Overview

Target Audience

Engineering students or people interested to learn more about ICT Operations.

Course Outline

  • Operations of a Telecom Service Provider
  • Basic function of OSS/BSS
  • Basic function of OSS/BSS
  • Core operational processes and its functional components
  • Order Management, Network Inventory management, Provisioning & Activation, Service Assurance, Applications for Fulfillment, Assurance
  • DPI, Policy Management, Data Sharing>

After completion of the course, you will be able to explain:-

Understand modern telecommunications and the role of OSS/BSS

Identify the focus areas for which current OSS/BSS systems provide support in a Telecom network

Describe the complete OSS architecture

Explain the relevance of the TMF, eTOM and NGOSS to the development of OSS / BSS

Evaluate current and future OSS/BSS solutions, along with their strengths and weaknesses

Explain the major OSS/BSS equipment vendors, with their main product areas in each case