HCIP Storage Practice Test

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Course Overview

What should I know to clear this certification exam ?

Overview of a Unified Storage System
1. SAN storage system and its architectureFC protocol
2. Mainstream SAN protocols
3. NAS storage system and its architecture
4. NAS file share protocols
Unified storage technology and application
1. RAID 2.0 Technology
2. Smart technologies
3. Hyper technologies
Connecting Unified Storage Systems to Hosts
1. Connecting storage systems to UNIX-based hosts
2. UltraPath deployment and management
Storage System Troubleshooting
1. General troubleshooting principle, procedure, and methods
2. Troubleshooting guidelines and methods for SAN storage systems
Unified Storage System Planning and Design
1. Planning principle and process
2. Host-layer planning
3. Network-layer planning
4. Storage-layer planning
5. Planning cases
Huawei high-end storage system Installation and Maintenance
1. Hardware Structure
2. Hardware Installation and Cabling
3. Project Survey, Unloading and Moving Guide
4. Maintenance Tools
5. Interoperability

Why this certification

Enterprises gain a basic understanding of Huawei enterprise storage and can perform common configuration and troubleshooting faults of Huawei storage devices. You shall have 1 HCNA Storage Tests for practice, to enhance your skills and knowledge.

HCNA Storage test includes 60 Questions and duration of the test is 90 minutes. You need to score minimum 60% marks to clear the test.

*Pass 4 Sure

  • Take the test and score minimum 60%, good enough to let you clear the actual examination.
  • In case, you are not able to clear the examination, “No questions asked, 100 % fee would be refunded.

Sample Questions

Q 1. We can use IP phone to access many directories/address books including(). ?

A. Individual directory
B. Remote directory
C. Corporate directory
D. Friend directory


Q 2. Which of the following must be configured for the IP phone ?

A. Regestartion server(IP PBX)address configuration in SIP server area.
B. Regestration phone number configured in the SIP user ID area.
C. IP address of the IP Phone.
D. IP address of the IAD.


Q 3.About CDR server, which of the following statement are correct ?

A. The CDR server places the binary CDR file provided by eSpace U1900 to the specified directory.
B. The CDR server provides an FTP interface, through which the binary CDR file is provided for the BMU or CDR agent.
C. The CDR server provides GUIs for users to perform CDR related functions,including querying CDR information and deleting CDR files.
D. The CDR transmission control switch is configured on eSpace U1900.


Q 4.The RTP protocol belongs to the ( ) in the OSI protocol. ?

A. Physical layer
B. Data link layer
C. Network layer
D. Application layer


Q 5.Which of the following statement about the IAD132 functions are correct??

A. The IAD132 functions as an analog trunk device
B. The IAD132 can allocate numbers
C. The IAD132 can connect to analog phone sets
D. The IAD132 can support digital to analog conversion.