HCIA WLAN Practice Test

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Course Overview

The Curriculum

The HCIA-WLAN curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following:
– WLAN fundamentals
– Basic construction of fat AP and thin AP WLANs
– Troubleshooting of basic WLAN faults
– Installation and commissioning of Huawei wireless controllers, fat APs, and thin Aps


With HCIA-WLAN certification, an individual can demonstrate a preliminary understanding of small and medium-sized WLANs, including general WLAN technologies, and the ability to assist the design of small and medium-sized WLANs and implement the designs using Huawei wireless controllers and AP devices.


With engineers who are HCIA-WLAN Certified, enterprises are able to construct simple WLANs and integrate voice, wireless, cloud, security, and storage technologies into the WLANs to support a variety of applications.

Exam Content for HCIA WLAN

The HCIA WLAN v1.6 exam cover WLAN Basis and principle, Huawei WLAN product introduction and configuration, Fat AP and Fit AP architecture, WLAN Networking Introduction, Huawei WLAN product features and access security configuration, WLAN QoS, antenna, WLAN network planning  and troubleshooting and so on.

HCIA— WLAN Practice Test

The Online Practice Test conducted by Cognitel, is a simulated test equivalent to the final Certification Exam. The test has been designed by Huawei Certified Instructors, for providing an individual, the feel of the actual examinations.

Duration of the test – 90 minutes

No. of questions – 60

No. of attempts allowed – ONE

Passing Score – 70% (10% higher than the actual Certification Exam, so that you are always on positive side)