CATEGORY: Information Technology

Basic Level Certification in IP Networking

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

What should I know to clear this certification exam ?

  • Understand evolution of Transport Network evolution
  • Understand different technologies used for transport network – MW, Optics, Fiber and IP
  • Differentiate features and applications amongst different technologies in various topologies
  • Identify Optical fiber types, components and elements
  • Understand Microwave , packet data and Ethernet fundamentals

Why this Certification

The certification is especially designed for telecom and networking professionals to access their technical skills. The certification not only guides you on your technical strengths and weaknesses but can also act as a benchmark for your next employer

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Sample Questions

Q 1. What is the network address for a host with the IP address



Q 2. You need to subnet a network that has 5 subnets, each with at least 16 hosts. Which classful subnet mask would you use?



Q 3. On the network, what is the last IP address that can be assigned to a host?
A.   1ms
B.   0.577ms
C.   50ms
D.   2msTTI


Q 4.How many addresses for hosts will the network provide?
A.   510
B.   1022
C.   1024
D.   1048


Q 5.To maintain connectivity with neighbouring routers, router running OSPF will send some type of packets. What is the type of packet?
A.   OSP
B.   Hello
C.   LSU
D.   Dead interval packet