Assessment Test for Certification in LTE

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Course Overview

What should I know to clear this certification exam ?

  • Evolution path of LTE networks with application areas
  • Relate LTE Technology to Network Elements
  • LTE network Architecture, interfaces and applications
  • Understand LTE Air Interface, Modulation schemes, Messages and Radio Resource Management.
  • Understand the traffic concepts of LTE Networks to manage & operate the Networks.
  • Mobility and session management principles.
  • Understand the functionality of LTE Packet core network elements.

Why this Certification ?

The certification is especially designed for telecom and networking professionals to access their technical skills. The certification not only guides you on your technical strengths and weaknesses but can also act as a benchmark for your next employer.

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Sample Questions

Q 1.Contention Free Random Access can be applied in which scenario?

A.   Initial network access
B.   Access following a radio link failure
C.   Handover between cells
D.   When Uplink syncronization of a UE is lost


Q 2. How many modulation symbols are there in a physical resource block (cyclic prefix = 4.7 ìs)?

A.   7
B.   14
C.   84
D.   168


Q 3. In which one of the following process, a UE needs to go through a specific decision-making process to pick up a specific eNodeB to camp on?
A.   Paging Procedure
B.   Cell Search Procedure
C.   RRC Procedure
D.   Mobility Management Procedure


Q 4.Lawful interception in LTE is not the responsibility of which NE element in EPS architecture?
A.   MME
C.   eNB
D.   UE


Q 5.LTE network is interoperable with other non 3GPP networks also like WiMax and WiFi?
C.   Both of them
D.   None of the above