CATEGORY: Information Technology

Advanced Level Certification in IP Networking

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

What should I know to clear this certification exam ?

  • Understand IP routing technologies – OSPF, IS-IS, BGP etc
  • Understand MPLS, VPN , VRRP, VPLS technologies
  • Apply and configure IP QoS principles
  • Understand IP Multicast routing protocols
  • Configure VLAN, Ethernet link aggregation and STP
  • Understand Advanced IP Routing, MPLS, VPM Features
  • Cary out IP QoS – HQoS concepts, Multicast routing function
  • Apply MPLS TE Technologies for complex Transport network design
  • Understand Advanced Security and HA features
  • Understand Ether-Trunk, QinQ, VLAN principle and MFF features
  • Execute IP Planning and Design

Why this Certification ?

The certification is especially designed for telecom and networking professionals to access their technical skills. The certification not only guides you on your technical strengths and weaknesses but can also act as a benchmark for your next employer

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Sample Questions

Q 1. On which standard is RSTP based?

A.   802.1Q
B.   802.1D
C.   802.1w
D.   802.1s


Q 2. Which of the following standards defines the MST protocol?

A.   802.1Q
B.   802.1D
C.   802.1w
D.   802.1s


Q 3. What protocol is used for Path Setup in MPLS traffic engineering?
C.   BGP


Q 4. What does PIM stand for?
A.   Protocol Inbound Multicast
B.   Protocol Independent Multicast
C.   Protocol Independent Management
D.   Password Independent Multicast


Q 5.Which BGP path attribute is only used within the local router and NOT shared between all the BGP routers within the AS?
A.   MED
B.   Origin
C.   Weight
D.   Local Preference